Motivation Letter and Study Plan

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  • Published : December 26, 2012
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To: Embassy of Switzerland
Vietnam Consulate
Swiss Hotel Management School

My name is ........, I am 18 years old and I live in Nha Trang, Vietnam. I study at Lý Tự Trọng High School which is in the Top 100 of the best public schools in Vietnam. My learning capability is good, I am good at logical subjects and my dad advises me to study pedagogical or engineering. But my city is the tourist city which is one the most beautiful bay on the world, at present, more and more big hotels have already been built, or will be built here such as Novotel, Yasaka, Sheraton,… My family and I have travel to Thailand, Korea, Singapore,… I also like tourism and management that why I decided to study hotel management. My aspirations is study at SHMS and then return to work at my home country because the manpower in this sector is not enough and not professional. There are four members in my family, my dad is a retired university lecturer, now he is the president and also the teacher of a famous teaching center in Nha Trang city. My mom work as an accountant for the center, she retired from the company and continue to work at the center because it is convenient for her to take care of my sister who cannot move because of cerebral palsy. Another thing I like about the major of hotel management is that in my country this sector has been developed and it needs a lot of people so the chance to get the job is easier. Next is because of the feeling when you are running the hotel and serve the people after their hard working days, make them feel relax, their happiness is my happiness so that I believe I can do good.

I choice SHMS because of my research on the internet and people's opinions. There are some reasons I decided to choose SHMS: • SHMS is a world leader in hotel management
• SHMS is ranked in the Top 10 international hospitality schools favored by international industry recruiters...
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