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  • Published : December 9, 2012
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Part 2:
Sector Identification

Over the course of this semester, the tourism sector that I most likely would like to work in is the accommodation sector. The accommodation sector can be very fragile in the workforce but it is extremely important in the business and leisure aspect of the world. Specially I would like to work at the Trump tower hotel. There are many occupations in this hotel. Such occupations that exist are a banquet server, in-room dining attendant, concierge, security, spa manager and a sous chef just to name a few. I would like to work as a guest service agent at the Trump tower. The Trump tower is five star hotel within the and is internationally renowned for its exceptional service. It has many locations in 9 different cities all over the world. Job Function/Skills

As a guest service agent for the Trump Tower hotel, there are much responsibilities that have to be executed smoothly and concisely in order to have success for the business. The jobs that are expected as guest service agent/concierge is to ensure guest satisfaction, coordinate guest requests regarding hotel services, local attractions, exhibitions, concerts, theatre, shopping, sport, restaurants, transportation, and any other information of interest and to ensure all information provided tothe guests and to team members is current and accurate. The skills that are required for this job is to have strong interpersonal skills, excellent problem solving and decision making. An added bonus is have extensive knowledge of the city such as providing directions, knowing the attractions, shopping centres and dining areas are in the city. Being able to stand for long periods of time would be an asset. The skills that I think are suitable for this job is being able to problem solve without constant supervision. Being able to do so is an asset because when working as a concierge, you are providing one on one service and being able to do so is extremely...
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