Lodging: Hotel and Average Yearly Household

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  • Published : June 6, 2012
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The lodging industry serves a variety of travelers, and each business specializes in a particular type of customer. In this Checkpoint, you review the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s website listed in Introduction to the Hospitality Industry and reflect on the different types of travelers the lodging industry serves.

Review Exercise 1 on p. 306 of Introduction to the Hospitality Industry and answer item b. b. From the AH&LA Web site, describe the typical lodging customer for the most recent year that data are available When researching on the AH&LA Web site, I found the typical lodging customer facts for 2010. That information includes:

40% traveled for business
60% traveled for leisure

* The typical “business room night” stay is by a male (68%), age 35–54 (47%), employed in a professional or managerial position (54%), earning an average yearly household income of $116,578. Typically, these guests travel alone (61%), make reservations (91%), and pay $124 per room night. * The typical “leisure room night stay” is by two adults (52%), ages 35–54 (37%), and 55+ (37%), earning an average yearly household income of $87,327. The typical leisure traveler also travels by auto (79%), makes reservations (88%), and pays $105 per room night. * 36% of all business travelers spend one night at a hotel, 22% spend two nights, and 42% spend three or more nights. * Of leisure travelers staying in a hotel, 49% spend one night, 25% spend two nights, and 27% spend three or more nights.

Source: D.K. Shifflet & Associates, Ltd.

Choose three different lodging types and describe in 200 to 300 words the customer to whom each might cater. * Budget Motel- A budget motel or motel caters to those maybe traveling on a long distance road journey such as a truck driver. They are inexpensive, easily accessible overnight accommodations sited close to the main routes. Someone looking to travel from state to state and not looking to stay...
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