Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

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Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

Introduction to Hospitality – HTM100

In the following paper, I will determine the challenges involved in managing restaurant operations that are specific to my state, as well as how I would address those challenges. Secondly, I will determine the impact of computerization on food service and lodging operations in my state. Next, I will analyze the interdependence of food service, lodging, and meeting segments of the hospitality industry and make two recommendations for how the synergy between the three sub-segments could be improved, using examples from my state to illustrate my case. In addition, I will consider how these segments can improve their relationships between one another and how they can combine their services in order to be more marketable in my home state. Finally, I will determine the likely consequences of the introduction of gaming entertainment into my state and the impact of significant economic expansion of the segment upon other segments of the hospitality industry. Overview of the Hospitality and Tourism Industry

There are many challenges involved in managing a restaurant in my state of Georgia. One of the biggest challenges is ensuring compliance with various state laws and regulation concerning health and safety in the Hospitality Industry. Restaurateurs and management feel they are at the mercy of legislators and say legislators fail to consider the ramifications of the laws they pass and just how much of an impact the industry has on the local economy and job market. Over the past five years, some major changes have been implemented for the industry. Restaurateurs and management must stay up to date and current on issues. The Georgia Department of Community Health as well as local community health departments regulates restaurants. There are extensive licensing fees associated with the business such as liquor licensing, music and entertainment licensing, business licensing, food service permits and environmental fees. The Independent Restaurant and Bar Association of Georgia is an organization who encourages membership. Members enjoy cost saving discounts on various insurance requirements such as liquor liability, disability, fire, music licensing and work compensation insurance. Some of the toughest restrictions are due to local ordinances. We have smoking bans in all public areas, restaurants and bars. Many feel this causes a loss of business. However, others feel smoking is a potential hazard which must be addressed. Alcohol regulation is another area that has experienced recent changes. For many years, certain counties and local ordinances regulated Sunday sales of liquor. Chatham County recently passed legislation allowing Sunday sales. We still have “dry counties” which prohibit sales all together. In all areas liquor cannot be sold prior to noon on any day. With the passage of Obama Care and the Section 4205 provision menu labeling became a requirement for qualifying restaurants and food retail establishments. Both Republican and Democratic legislators from states such as Texas, Georgia and Ohio, have called for less burdensome legislation. The Georgia Restaurant Association has become an advocacy group for many restaurateurs. Another challenge involved in managing a restaurant in Georgia, is managing risk effectively and identifying potential hazards so these organizations can provide the best quality product. Georgia has extensive food codes containing very strict regulatory laws. One area of major concern is food borne illnesses and sanitation issues. There are numerous regulations concerning food borne illnesses such as hand washing techniques and frequency, sanitary food handling, preparation and storage techniques such as temperature limits and date marking. We are a coastal area serving seafood, some of which is raw or undercooked. There are additional food regulations requiring proper disclosure on menus. In addition,...
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