The Current State of Fitness and Future Trends

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The Current State of Fitness and Future Trends

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I. Current State of Fitnessp. 3
II. Future Trends of Fitnessp. 9

The Current State of Fitness
Fitness, physical activity, and exercise are things that we all here about in today society. There are fitness workout shows on television, new diets popping up, new pills; new workout exercises that make you look great in “just two weeks”. This is because in American we are out of shape and just plain ole fat. Adults and children alike are fat. Or babies are fat. You can watch television shows that talk about how this person weight 500 pounds or this child weights 300 pounds. I for one am fat and out of my old playing days shape. America is on a slippery slope and it looks like there is no end in sight of just how big we are going to get. America is the most overweight country in the entire world. This is because we live a very fast paced lifestyle. We live in a world of instance access and gratification. We want things fast and we can not wait for the next thing to consume. Kids now have video games, cable television, computers, and the internet at their finger tips. Why would you ever go outside to play, if you want to play hide and seek, or any sport, you can just plug in your Playstation and play it right now. Technology and the fast pace of society has cause many to become overweight and couple that with no sleep and stress. The one thing that could happen is fat to store and we become more and more unhealthy.

American has not always been unhealthy like we are today. We used to be a society of hard workers that ate good meals together as a family. Children used to play outside with other children all day and would not drink soda and eat all the candy that they eat today. But, slowly and surely we have gotten away from our old school mentality of hard work and working outside. But, you can see that we are trying to learn from other countries and develop new ideas into a workable solution for our society. We still have a ton to improve upon and a long way to go before we catch up with where some countries are and where we should be if we did not devalue physical education. No matter what we try to do it seems that physical activity has been pushed aside in today’s fast paced society for more important things and a whole new different lifestyle (Kerner, 2005, p. 26-29).

If you look back in time to ancient society, you see that the Greeks and Romans put an emphasis on physical activity. Men were in shape by choice or not. Some people were forced to be physically active because of the manual labor they were forced to endure but others were in classes that developed the mind and body in one. Young men were also forced to join the army at the age of 18. This was an honor and soldiers were looked up to and to become a member of society, young men had to be in the army first. Also, you had the gladiators that fought for the amusement of the crowds. They worked out daily not for fun, but for survival. Then came the Olympics. Physical ability came to be looked at in a matter of honor and respect. The better shape you were in, and the better you preformed in the games, the more honor and respect you received. So, even back in the history of the world we see that people liked to see men that were in good physical shape compete in events. This is very similar to the Olympics and other sporting events that we use today as entertainment.

You can see in art like the sculpture of “Atlas” holding the world or “David” that being in good physical shape like they were portrayed in these works of art, that people see a good toned body as a work of art. Even today, we like to see men and women that are in good physical shape in pictures and on television. As the time moved forward from the Greeks and Romans, we see art portraying...
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