Concept Analysis Critique of Homophobia in Nursing

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  • Published: November 28, 2010
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analysis critiqueRunning Head: CONCEPT ANALYSIS CRITIQUE

Concept Analysis Critique of Christensen’s Homophobia in Nursing Using Walker and Avant’s Framework NUR 701-90 Nursing Theory
The Sage Colleges
Lori Ciafardoni-Hawkes RN, MSN/MEd
November 17, 2010

Concept Analysis Critique of Christensen’s Homophobia in Nursing Using Walker and Avant’s Framework Introduction
Concept analysis is discussed by Walker and Avant (2005) as a way to describe phenomena in nursing practice, as it “allows the theorist, researcher, or clinician to come to grips with the various possibilities within the concept of interest” (Walker & Avant, 2005, pg. 63). Walker and Avant developed an eight step process of concept analysis, which includes selecting a concept, determining the aims or purposes of the analysis, identifying all uses of the concept that can be discovered, determining the defining attributes, identifying the model case, identifying borderline, related, contrary, invented, and illegitimate cases, identifying antecedents and consequences, and defining empirical referents (Walker & Avant, 2005). The following is an examination of the concept analysis procedure developed by Walker and Avant as applied to the article Homophobia in Nursing: A Concept Analysis by Martin Christensen. Selecting a concept is the first step in the 8-step analysis procedure. The chosen concept should be one that is important and interesting to you. Additionally, selection of the concept should be “useful to your research program or to further theoretical developments in your area of interest” (Walker & Avant, 2005, pg. 66). Christensen (2005) selected to analyze the concept of homosexuality in nursing because “…nurses draw mainly on their own experiences, experiences that may possess traditional and uncompromising attitudes about homosexuality and the health needs of patients…suggest(ing) that attitudes are linked to behavior and that certain predetermined beliefs and attitudes...
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