Importance of Core Muscles

Topics: Muscle, Physical exercise, Muscular system Pages: 3 (1104 words) Published: May 13, 2013
Importance of the ‘Core’ Muscle Group

Herbert DeRama
Jeff Roberts
Kinesiology 240
Ohlone College

When most people want to work on their stomach muscles, their main focus would typically be concentrated on the middle part of their belly, the rectus abdominis. This would be the part of your stomach that creates those six pack abs that everybody wants to have. Girls love how ripped abs look and men desperately try to attain it. The physical appearance component of having nice stomach muscles is indeed a good trait to have, but this is only a small proportion of what the core muscles can actually do. It is important not only having strong abs and mid-section, but to also have a strong core overall. People misinterpret the meaning in having a strong central core and fail to recognize the importance of what the core can actually do for oneself, besides making you look good in a swimsuit. In fact, possessing a strong core can be beneficial for people in everyday life situations and it plays an essential role in enhancing physical performance. The core is not as simple as people see it to be. There are many muscles that make up the composition of the core group. These muscles are not just limited to the abdomen section of the body that most people perceive. The core is composed of the obliques and lower back, aside from the abdominals and they are all connected to different muscle groups that vary from the back of the neck all the way down to the thighs. “[The core is] responsible for supporting postures, creating motion, coordinating muscle actions, allowing for stability, absorbing force, generating force, and transmitting forces throughout the body. This means that regardless of the movement or activity, the center of your body is responsible for the process and outcome” (Handzel, 2010). People utilize their cores more than they realize and improving core strength can help improve everyday activities. Your core is included in a lot of movements that your...
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