Learning Cues for Tennis

Topics: Tennis, Tennis shots, Backhand Pages: 4 (1421 words) Published: April 10, 2012
I will be discussing the sport of tennis, the learning sequences, the skill techniques, learning cues, and teaching styles in that order. First that will be discussed is the learning sequences for the sport of tennis. According to Physical Education Activity Handbook, when you are first getting started with tennis, you need to introduce the scoring and tiebreaker procedures. Next, you need to explain the equipment used in tennis such as tennis balls and the racket. After that, the teacher should explain the rules and etiquette. It is best to introduce when directly related to skill or strategy being taught. Then, the skills and techniques should be taught. The skills and techniques that need to be taught are grips, strokes, the serve, one-handed backhand, two-handed backhand, forehand, lob, overhead smash, backhand, volley, and the forehand volley. The last thing that should be taught is the playing strategy for singles and doubles games (Schmottlach, McManama, 394). Another source describes the learning sequences as understanding the game, learning the basic rules and get a feel for the basic strokes needed to play (Silverman, 2011).

In the second portion of this the skill techniques are going to be described. The first skill technique is the grip. There are three types of grips used in tennis, the eastern grip, the eastern backhand grip, and the two-handed backhand grip. The eastern grip is the grip that is most recommended for the forehand. To successfully perform the eastern grip, one must hold the racket with your right/left palm vertical and your fingers pointing partially downward at around a 45-degree angle. The thumb should overlap and lie next to the middle finger, with the index finger spread. Learning cues for this grip are 45-degree angle, fingers downward and thumb overlap. Next is the eastern backhand grip. It is performed by putting the palm on the top of the racket, with the knuckle of the index finger riding the top right ridge. The thumb can...
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