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Marketing Plan: -
Marketing plan is the central instrument for directing and coordinating themarketing efforts. The marketing plan operates at two levels:

Strategic marketing plan: -
This plan lays out the target markets and the values propositions the firm will offer, based on an analysis of the best market opportunities.

Tactical marketing plan: -
This specifies the marketing tactics, including product features, promotion, merchandising, pricing, sales channels and service.

Biscuit making is a conventional activity in many parts of the country. Despite theadvent of modern, large capacity and automatic biscuit making plants, large sectionof people especially in semi-urban and rural areas still prefer fresh biscuits fromlocal bakery as they are cheap and offer many varieties. These manufacturers areable to cater to some typical local palate as well. Thus, they are able to withstandcompetition from organized sector units.Biscuits are eaten by all sections of people across the board round the year. They are, thus, mass consumption items with number of varieties and shapes. Themarket is scattered. There are some dominant national and regional brands.Biscuits can be manufactured at a location which is close to the market.


Demand and Supply 
Market for biscuits is scattered all over the country. There are three distinct market segments viz. urban, semi-urban and rural. Urban and semi-urban markets aredominated by many national and regional brands but even then many localmanufacturers have also carved a special niche as their products are fresh, they offer many varieties and they are cheaper.

Marketing objectives
Our long term objectives are to be successfully present in the Asian market andestablish a base in south Asia. The first goals specifically aimed at the India arestated below.

Market share: Our aims are set at achieving a 10% market share in the first 2 years.Brand awareness: We want to get and increase brand awareness in the first 18months.

Strategy statement
 Market share: We want to contract major supermarkets and promote the productsin the supermarket. This forces the market to make a decision on different brandson the spot.We want to offset our products to whole sale as bigger parties require bigger amounts and the market wants to buy in big amounts.

Brand awareness:
We want to advertise in supermarkets’ in-house magazines and magazines aimedat students. We want to start with a low introduction price to make sure peopleconsider buying our products and therefore know about our existence. We want tobring our products to the customer in supermarkets. This allows the customers totry our product before buying it and feel positive about our product.

Current and Prospective Target Market 
The current target market for the original BITEis children. The original BITEbiscuitshave previously focused on and promoted the new colors for the crème filling,which would generate new interest amongst children, who would in turn convincetheir parents to buy the new biscuit. We have created an entirely new target market for our Fat Free BITE. Our marketing communications will be primarily directed toward women ages 18-45 that are health conscious, yet still enjoy consuming sweets. The target market lives in the urban part of the city and residesin the middle to upper middle income range. Our target audience enjoysrecreational activities for exercise, such as swimming, biking, jogging, or power walking. The psychographics of our target audience are the desire to be healthy and fit, yet have a difficult time eliminating those sweet indulgences they crave anddesire. They probably have a pattern for low self control and/or self discipline inregards to what foods they consume. The target market will purchase our new product for themselves and possibly their spouses. As a result of the increasing problem of obesity amongst children, we have made our...
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