Biscuit Industry

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India is the third largest biscuit manufacturing country after USA and CHINA .Estimated annual turnover of Indian biscuit industry is around INR 65.0 billion .Biscuit Industry in India is entering into competitive phase from period of two major players dominating the industry to number of player making mark on national scene and getting share of the market which is good for the industry. Overview:

The total production of biscuits in India is estimated to be around 30 lakh MT, the organized sector accounts for 65% and the unorganized sector accounts for 35% of the total industry volume. •The organized sector is valued at above Rs 8000 crores.

The biscuit industry is estimated to grow over 15-17% in the next few years. •The per capita consumption of biscuits in India is 2.0 kg. •India is ranked 3rd after US and China amongst the global biscuits producers. •The export of biscuits is approximately 17% of the annual production, the export of sweet biscuits for year 2007-08 was Rs 145.93 Cr and for year 2008-09(April-Dec) was Rs 280 Cr, the major exporting regions were Haiti, Angola, USA, Ghana, UAE. •The imports are not significant amount as compared to the total consumption. •The penetration of biscuits in urban and rural market is 85% and 55% respectively. •The Biscuit industry employs almost 3.5 lakh people directly and 30 lakh people indirectly.

Main Categories of Biscuits: Glucose, Marie, Sweet, Salty, Cream & Milk. Glucose biscuits accounts for more than 50% of the total biscuit market value, Parle G dominate this market with more than 60% share followed by Britannia and ITC. Source: market research data

New Prospects in the Indian Biscuit Industry

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare: Junior Horlicks Biscuits-toddler biscuit category. •PepsiCo India Launched biscuit brand Aliva, it will be produced by food division Frito Lay India. •United Biscuits (UK), world’s third largest biscuit company, is set to enter India...
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