Hwa Tai

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Hwa Tai Industries Berhad (HTIB) is one of the premier and longest established biscuit manufacturers in Malaysia. Established in 1962 and listed on the Stock Exchange Malaysia in 1992. Since then, this fast expanding company has grown to be one of the largest players in the biscuits industry in the country and produce a fine, wide range of superior quality biscuits. It has been successfully marketed domestically and internationally through HTIB’s own vast and comprehensive distribution network. The biscuits are marketed under the brand name or trademark of “HWA TAI” and “LUXURY”. The industry has a strong basic of industry capacity operations to fulfill demand of the customer. Through the excellent innovation, these indicators that the industry has a strong valuable in capacity resources to fulfill the increases demand of biscuits with high quality products. Since the industry is not a monopoly sectors, therefore the productions of biscuit is not rarity because there are a lot of competitors in the market. Based on the research, most of the competitors are using the similar technology system in the industry capacity and involved themselves in the bursa share market. In this competitors sector, the competitors might produce a similar taste and preference of products and prices of biscuits. In the economic performance, the price is a common reason that might affect the industry’s profit and loss. Thus, the industry has forces to set up the prices of biscuit depends on the market prices. The costs cannot be too high because it might be compared with others competitors. Further, there are no supportive reasons to imitate their industry capacity process because it will be costly and difficult to the resources. At least, Hwa Tai Industries Berhad (HTIB) is capable of taking advantage of the resource. Although the resource is valuable, not rare and difficult to imitate, Hwa Tai Industries Berhad (HTIB) has improve themselves to exploit it align with...
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