Food Waste Reduction in the Factory

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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3.0Food Waste Reduction in the Factory
It is obvious that dealing with food waste reduction in factory is simply just reducing the creation of food production in factory. Of course, this is some kind of irrelevant ways to prevent the production of food waste in industry without using any of an smart engineering method to actually reduce it without reducing the creation of food production in factory. At the same time, the profits that the factory made would not have occurs any reduction if an applicable food waste reduction techniques is applied. Thus, sources and products can be saved from waste which concurrently will also save from the consumption of time, money and workload in the factory (Creedon, 2010). Therefore, a necessary food technology engineering method should be applied to the reduction of food waste in factory. First of all, before the factory actually thinking of reduces the food waste of the food created in the factory, they should first know and to determine the characteristics of every particular biscuits produced in Khong Guan. After the characteristics of every particular biscuits has been determined, then they need to monitored either hand-operated or non-hand-operated machine to detect the most acceptable range for the characteristic of every type of biscuits. The most vital characteristic of the biscuit that they should have been concerned on is the moisture content. The moisture content plays an important roles since its ensures that biscuits are generally free from microbiological spoilage and have a long shelf life if they are protected from absorbing moisture from damp surroundings or atmosphere. Biscuits have relatively high energy density compared with other baked goods. The biscuit produced in Khong Guan has a moisture content of about 1 to 5%, if it exceeded than that, it can be considered spoiled and be thrown away as food waste (Baked info). Technically, we cannot produce a good and perfect quality of the biscuit constantly in...
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