Team Performance Case Study: Lego Mindstorms

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  • Published : April 17, 2011
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In the mid-1990s the Lego Group was composed of 45 companies which disseminated Lego toys in 133 countries around the world, with estimated annual revenues of 2 billion approximately; this company is considered the fifth largest toy company in the world. The fabulous global success of Lego can be accredited to the inventiveness of the Lego System toys and to the cohesive advertising tactic of this organization. This company (Lego brand of toys) was formed in 1932 when Christiansen, a carpenter from Denmark, agrees to spread his business of carpentry by industrializing a woody line of toys who named Lego. After decades of plastic bricks made it for create means of transportation, structures, or anything else imaginable, Lego began experienced struggles and increasing competition at the same time due to internet based games and a fluctuating client led decreasing revenues; they find a way to respond and that was how Lego Mindstorms get in the game; to become a tremendous success since they turn into the leading reasonably priced line of robots. The Mindstroms models increase an electronic unit, sensors, motors and a complete group of software blocks, and when combined with a computer machine transmit to the clever Lego brick through a shaft of light. This generation of robots industrialized by Lego Group result in an interesting toy formed from a sensor block programmable utilized in didactic models; the first form of this robots was in the market in 1998 and named commercially as RIS (Robotic Invention System), the following version was in the market in 2006 as the NTX style; on August, 2009 the Lego Mindstorms NXT 2.0 was in the market as the latest version. Being part of the original members of the Mindstorms team would have been fun, challenging but never relaxed or easy; there are a number of factors that will push our stress limits, working with a limited budget and having in charge the development of a programmable Lego brick,...
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