Fractal Robots

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1. Introduction

The birth of every technology is the result of the quest for automation of some form of human work. This has led to many inventions that have made life easier for us. Fractal Robot is a science that promises to revolutionize technology in a way that has never been witnessed before.

The principle behind Fractal Robots is very simple. You take some cubic bricks made of metals and plastics, motorize them, put some electronics inside them and control them with a computer and you get machines that can change shape from one object to another. Almost immediately, you can now build a home in a matter of minutes if you had enough bricks and instruct the bricks to shuffle around and make a house! It is exactly like kids playing with Lego bricks and making a toy hose or a toy bridge by snapping together Lego bricks-except now we are using computer and all the work is done under total computer control. No manual intervention is required. Fractal Robots are the hardware equivalent of computer software.

1. What are Fractals?

A fractal is anything which has a substantial measure of exact or statistical self-similarity. Wherever you look at any part of its body it will be similar to the whole object.

2. Fractal Robots

A Fractal Robot physically resembles itself according to the definition above. The robot can be animated around its joints in a uniform manner. Such robots can be straight forward geometric patterns/images that look more like natural structures such as plants. This patented product however has a cubic structure. The figure below shows a collection of such cubes.


Fractal Robots start at one size to which half size or double size cubes can be attached and to each of these half size/double size cubes can be attached respectively adinfinitum. This is what makes them fractal. So a fractal cube can be of any size. The smallest expected size is between 1000 and 10,000 atoms wide. These cubes are embedded with computer chips that control their movement. Thus they can be programmed to configure themselves into any shape. The implication of this concept is very powerful. This concept can be used to build buildings, bridges, instruments, tools and almost anything else you can think of. It can be done with hardly any manual intervention. These robots can assist in production and manufacture of goods thus bringing down the manufacturing price down dramatically.

2. Fractal Robot Mechanism
2.1 Simple Construction details
Considerable effort has been taken in making the robotic cubes as simple as possible after the invention has been conceived. The design is such that it has fewest possible moving parts so that they can be mass produced. Material requirements have been made as flexible as possible so that they can be built from metals and plastics which are cheaply available in industrialized nations but also from ceramics and clays which are environmentally friendlier and more readily available in developing nations. The robotic cubes are assembled from face plates which have been manufactured and bolted to a cubic frame as illustrated in figure 1. [pic]

Figure 1
The cube therefore is hollow and the plates have all the mechanisms. Each of these face plates have electrical contact pads that allow power and data signals to be routed from one robotic cube to another. The plates also have 45 degree petals that push out of the surface to engage the neighbouring face that allows one robotic cube to lock to its neighbour. The contact pads could be on the plates themselves or be mounted separately on a purpose built solenoid operated pad as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2
The contact pads are arranged symmetrically around four edges to allow for rotational symmetry. These contacts are relayed out and only transmit power when required to do so. If they are operating submerged, the contact pads can be forced into...
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