Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

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Technology is evolving from time to time. As time goes by, new technology has come into place replacing the aged technology. However, we realized that without the previous technology, it is impossible for the new generation to enjoy the benefit of the technology we have today. To appreciate the golden aged technology, discuss in your group about an elder technology right from the beginning until how their evolved and improved to the latest technology today in a variety of fields including in education, finance, government, health care, science, publishing, travel, manufacturing, hospitality and media.

Marking Scheme

This assignment is 10% of coursework. Your assignment must include the following:

1. Assignment Cover Page
2. Assignment Marking Scheme
3. Assignment Question
4. Table of Content
5. List of Figures
6. List of Table
7. Introduction – Synopsis
8. Objectives
9. History
10. Evolution
11. Latest technology
12. Contribution of the technology
13. Room for Improvement
14. Conclusion
15. References
16. Appendix – Presentation slides

Table of Contents:
Technology in Robotics based on Artificial Intelligence Perspective. 1.1 Objectivesvii
1.Introduction to Robotics based on Artificial Intelligenceviii
2.Introduction to Roboticsix
3.Introduction to Artificial Intelligencex
4.History of robotics.xii
5.History of Artificial Intelligencexiii
6.History of robotics based on artificial intelligencexiv
7.Evolution in technology in robotics.xvi
8.Evolution of Artificial Intelligencexvii
9.Latest Technology in Roboticsxix
10.Contribution of Robots to the human society.xx
11.Latest Technology in Artificial Intelligencexxi
12.Advantages and Disadvantages of Technology in Artificial Intelligencexxiii
13.Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligencexxv

* Acknowledgement

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to Mr. NorShahriel for his guidance and help in carrying out this project.
We also wish to thank INTI’s library, Tan Sri Abdul Majid for the resources that was used for this research.

We would like to thank the creators of google, Larry Page and Sergey Brin for creating such a wonderful website and helping us save time from having to travel to the library.

* Technology in Robotics based on Artificial Intelligence Perspective.

1.1 Objectives

* To understand the computer science branch, ‘Artificial intelligence’

* To appreciate the benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics.

* To be aware of the growth of Artificial Intelligence in Robotics.

* To keep updated with the evolution in the technology in Robotics.

* To learn how human’s view on robots have changed according to different times.

* To bring attention to the contribution of artificially intelligent robots in the human society.

* To understand how Artificial Intelligence came about.

Introduction to Robotics based on Artificial Intelligence

In robotics, you can never deny that artificial intelligence is the most exciting field you can find. Despite that, it has it controversial moments as well because as we all know robot can do work as it has been programmed, but can it ever be as intelligent as a human? This question lingers in the mind of researchers and to resolve this particular statement, it will definitely take a long time. Therefore, people should put it aside and continue to improve robots for the sake of a better future. As everyone is aware, robots can only absorb a certain amount of knowledge compared to humans but what humans don’t have is a guaranteed error free day. Robots can be programmed to not make the same mistakes that humans always do. But then again, even if humans are...
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