Micro Robots

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This research project on Micro Robots is part of the requirements of the Advanced Manufacturing Subject in Manufacturing Engineering Year 4. This project carries out an evaluation of the current on-going research into Micro Robots, together with a design review analysis of both micro and nano-technologies.

Micro Robots are defined as the field of miniature mobile robots which make use of micro and nano technologies, with typical dimensions of less than 1mm. The first real research into the conceptual design of miniature robots was carried out by the U.S. intelligence agencies in the early 1970s, with the aim to create a Micro Robot that could be used in the rescue of prisoners of war. Nevertheless, Micro Robots were born thanks to the development of the microcontroller during the 1990’s. The original design of the Micro Robot was restricted by the size and configurations of the component parts used in its construction. However, the current technology advances in Micro Robots, remote sensors and artificial intelligence continue to increase the capabilities of Micro Robots while decreasing the size of the units. The main component parts of a Micro Robot consist of; sensors, microcontrollers, actuators and power sources. The sensors used in Micro Robots provide its microprocessor with important information on the area around it. These sensors are generally of three types (i) The Bump Sensor (ii) Light Sensors (iii) Tilt Sensors. The design of an actuation system for a mobile Micro Robot is critical to the overall function ability and successful operation of the robot. Therefore actuations systems for mobile micro-robotics must be capable of overcoming the following challenges with include; traverse terrain with obstacles bigger than the robot, low power/ high efficiency, withstand harsh environments and have simple mechanics for both scalability and ease of manufacturing.

With the advances in micro engineering, Micro Robots now have good potential particularly in the area of micro-fabrication and microsystem design, together with carrying out tasks that are dangerous to humans. However, their greatest potential of all is in the area of medicine. The mobility of wireless controlled powered micro or nanobot devices will make conventional diagnostic procedures and surgery less invasive and will enable new procedures to be undertaken that are currently not possible.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents3

1. Introduction5
1.1 History and Background of Micro Robots5
1.2 Introduction to Micro Robots6
2. Design Review Analysis7
2.1. Main Component Parts8
2.1.1 Sensors8
2.1.3 Microcontrollers9
2.1.2 Actuators10
3. Review of Micro Robots12
3.1 Silicon Micro Robots12...
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