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Cover Letter2
Conceptional Design7,8
Detailed Design9,10,11,12
Dimensional Aspect13

Appendix A, Picture 1.1, Winterfell Castle Sketch
Appendix A, Picture 1.1, Winterfell Castle Sketch

Lego sets have been around for the past 50 years and have been enjoyed by people from all around the world. Very recently, Lego released a website called “Lego Cuusoo” through which people can create and submit their own ideas for a Lego project. Following the submission of the project onto the website, a voting process occurs; if enough support is gathered, the project moves into the production stage and is then sold through Lego. The revenue is shared with the developer as well. Accordingly, the objective of the MSCI 100 project consisted of entering our own idea of a Lego Project onto the website. The project began with the splitting of the class into teams of 4, each creating their own original idea. Once the ideas from all the groups were presented, a vote was taken to determine which one the class as a whole favoured. The idea that was chosen was “Winterfell,” an area from the popular television show, Game of Thrones. Each team was then asked to give a rough sketch/design of what the idea could potentially look like, and another vote was conducted. After the final design was chosen, the Lego project was split into different components to work on. Each team designed their own component using the Lego Digital Designer (LDD) software and designed their own special piece on AutoCad Inventor. These special pieces were constructed using a 3D-printer and the project was then put together. Finally, the completed design was submitted onto Lego Cuusoo.

Some limiting constraints involved in the process of completing this project included the size and scope of the Lego set. An issue we came across was finding a balance between making a set that was too small and simple; or making a set that was too big and complex consequently making it too costly to produce and purchase. We also had to create a Lego set marketable to a younger generation, as they are the largest consumers of Lego products. In addition, there were also time constraints as we had deadlines at each step of the process.

The component that our team worked on was the Great Hall of Winterfell. More specifically, we constructed the outside structure of the Great Hall. This was particularly important to the Lego Project as it was one of the main structures of Winterfell. Our building was not attached to any other building so we didn’t have to consider how it would fit with other components; however, we did have to consider how big the entire project was so that we could create our component to scale, in order for it to fit in perfectly. For our special piece, we designed the gates leading into the Great Hall creating a grand entrance over a simple gate. Lego Cuusoo winner. This idea was the winner of the voting process and thus put into production.

Lego Cuusoo winner. This idea was the winner of the voting process and thus put into production.

Lego Winterfell Castle Project
Structure assigned:| The Great Hall|
Structure difficulty:| Moderate|
Materials used:| Lego bricks|
Structure type:| Framed structure with load bearing walls| Special piece:| The Great Hall Door|
Materials used:| ABS plastic|
Special piece difficulty:| Demanding, as it required a lot of measurements and thorough knowledge of Auto Cad Inventor| Appendix A Table 1.1 distances
Appendix A Table 1.1 distances
Appendix B Finalized structure
Picture 1.1
Appendix B Finalized structure
Picture 1.1

Finalized Door
Picture 1.2
Finalized Door
Picture 1.2

Conceptual Design
Design Alternative:

During the conceptual design process, our group had many heated discussions about what...
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