Cross-Cultural Management

Topics: Lego, Billund, Denmark, Legoland Windsor Pages: 3 (989 words) Published: June 9, 2011
1. What are LEGO’s values and corporate identity? How did
these develop over time (prior to LEGO Media Int’l)?

* The name LEGO in itself means “play well”, the beginnings of the corporate identity were designed into the brand name * GKC was responsible for the stud and tube system, which is recognizable within the logo, as well as meant that all Lego blocks could fit together * In the 1970’s, GCK designed the “ten lego characteristics” which today represents the guidelines for development and policy, and has become the foundation for current company values * The brand which was built is considered to be the most valuable assets which Lego possesses * The LEGO brand book establishes ways in which the values and identity of the company are expressed; it is issued to each manager to ensure standards are met in any environment * The 1999 Brand Book established that the LEGO name be associated with the three notions of: idea, exuberance and values * The Lego mission of the year 2001 notes 3 dimensions which ensure that Lego continues to live up to its original creativity and quality: * Technical Quality: durability, stability, consistent colours and safety * Consumer Quality: unlimited opportunities, permitting children to play in many ways * Development Quality: be attractive to children, retain interest; stimulate and develop senses, motor abilities, imagination, creativity and intelligence * Children and the development of children are of great importance to the Lego mission * The companies status as a family owned business – they have established a trusted brand which consumers associate with family and children’s toys * Long term strategies are unaffected by maximizing shareholder value, which allows LEGO to maintain it’s identity and values * Therefore, the overall identity of LEGO can be viewed as made of 3 basic elements: the product, the brand itself and the mission * LEGO also benefitted from family...
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