Teaching Assistant Assignment

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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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1) Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments. As a Teaching Assistant my role is to maximise learning, create a safe and positive environment and minimise behavioural problems. To achieve these aims communication with the class teacher is essential and knowledge of the learning objectives that are to be achieved should be understood. Prior to a lesson where children are taught to play percussion instruments one of my roles will be to set up the learning environment ensuring the classroom is clean, safe and tidy. The desks and chairs will need to be laid out in a manner suitable to allow the instruments to be used safely and correctly. The required number of instruments should be checked and all instruments should be cleaned and ensured that they are safe and in working order. Good preparation beforehand will save time and prevent boredom therefore minimising behavioural problems. It may be my responsibility to copy and/or laminate any music sheets or other resources required for the lesson. The class teacher may request the use of a video recorder to record the children or a short film to show the instruments being played. I will need to be familiar with where the equipment is kept and how to use it safely and efficiently. During the lesson I may be required to work with the group as a whole, a small number of children or an individual child. Knowledge of the instruments will be required to enable confident assistance and encouragement to the children. I may need to show the children how to hold the instruments correctly, how they are played and explain any relevant safety instructions. During the lesson I will be encouraging the children to participate, to ensure all children gain the full experience of the lesson. I may be required to support children who require further assistance and make any observations that the class teacher has requested be made. After the lesson I will encourage the children to tidy away the equipment carefully, reporting any damage to the class teacher. I may also be required to provide feedback or assist with preparing resources for further learning on that topic.

2) What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion lesson? Prior to a percussion lesson I may be required to assist in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources and equipment. I will need to be aware of or find out what instruments the school have, how many are available, where they are kept and if they are available for the day that they are required. Any findings that may affect the lesson I would report to the class teacher to enable other arrangements to be made. These steps will save time during the lesson and should create a smooth running lesson plan for the class teacher. All instruments would need to be checked for any damage and an inventory of the equipment should be logged. I will need to ensure that any health and safety guidelines are followed by staff and students. It is important that I familiarise myself with the instruments, the guidelines and the manner in which they should be used to allow me to contribute to the lesson where and when required. Any additional resources outlined in the lesson plan would need to be gathered together, again ensuring the correct number is obtained. Before the lesson begins the resources would be laid out for the children or put in a safe and accessible position. I would ensure cleaning and maintenance has taken place prior to the children using them. Any damaged instruments should not be used, and will be made aware to the teacher and logged in the inventory. During the lesson I would ensure the resources are suitable for the age of the children using them, certain instruments may prove too large or too heavy for some children, and to observe that they are being used correctly and safely. Once the...
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