Teaching Assistant - Job Description

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  • Published : January 20, 2013
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Teaching Assistant - Job Description

Summary of the role:

Working under guidance to implement work programmes for individuals/groups which could include those requiring detailed and specialist knowledge in particular areas. To assist in the whole planning cycle and the management/ preparation of resources. To provide cover for whole classes as appropriate

Line manager: The Head Teacher

Main duties and responsibilities:
 To work with the teacher to establish an appropriate learning environment.  To work with the teacher in lesson planning, evaluating and adjusting lessons/ work plans as appropriate.  To monitor and evaluate pupils’ responses to learning activities through observation and planned recording of achievement against pre-determined learning objectives.  To use specialist (curricular/learning) skills to support pupils.  To assist with the development and implementation of IEPs as appropriate.  To establish productive working relationships with pupils, acting as a role model and setting high expectations.

 To promote the inclusion and acceptance of all pupils within the classroom.  To support pupils consistently whilst recognising and responding to their individual needs.  To encourage pupils to interact and work co-operatively with others and engage all pupils in activities.  To promote independence and employ strategies to recognise and reward achievement and self-reliance.  To implement agreed learning activities/teaching programmes, adjusting activities according to pupils’ responses/needs.

 To implement literacy and numeracy programmes and make effective use of opportunities provided by other learning activities to support the development of literacy and numeracy skills.  To support the use of ICT in learning activities and develop pupils’ competence and independence in its use.

 To determine the need for, prepare and maintain general and specialist equipment and resources.  To provide feedback to pupils in relation to...
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