Teaching Assistant Level 3 Diploma Assignment 1

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Teaching Assistant Diploma - Level 3
Assignment 1
Question 1
I would accertain what the the teacher expected me to do during the lesson, following all instructions given by the teacher. I would ensure that all the instruments are available and in good working order. I would pepare the environment ready for the lesson ensuring the health and safety of the children, and the suitabilty of the area for the lesson. Minimising distractions for other children not taking part in the lesson. I would ensure that the children have an instrument and know how to use it. My role would be to enforce what the teacher has asked of the children. Encouraging and supporting the children to take part, therfore minimising any disruptions. I would make sure the children understood what has been asked of them, paying particular attention to any children who seem to be struggling, and offering guidance where neccesary. If I observed a child struggling I would repport this to the teacher after the lesson, incase they were in need of any extra support. After the lesson I would collect all of the instruments and any additional resourses, checking for and reporting any damage, and return it to the correct storage facility. Question 2

The teaching Assistant's role in organising, using and maintaining the resourses, material and equipment for a percussion lesson would be firstly to be aware of where the equipment is stored and to follow the school's procedure in collecting it ie, signing the equipment out. The teaching assistant should ensure that all of the instuments are in full working order and there is no damage. If damage is found this shoud be reported to the teacher and recorded. The eqipment should be clean and ready to use. They should ensure that any instructions are at hand. It is the teaching assistant's role to set up the environment for the session ensuring that the environment is safe and conducive of learning. The teaching assistant should observe the pupils ensuring the...
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