Teaching Assistant Level 3, Assignment 1

Topics: Education, Psychology, Gifted education Pages: 2 (392 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Question 3:

Make a list of the things expected from you as part of your role in supporting an individual or group of pupils.

ensure resources are available in order to support the targeted children carry out speaking and listening observations of the whole class or targeted children check and record the work completed by the children

encourage children to correct their own mistakes and provide encouragement once done assist children to catch up on any missed work
support children to aid their understanding and answering questions guide and support children through reading and by explaining texts and worksheets set out and put away equipment

Question 4:

Think about your role and responsibilities as a teaching assistant. List examples of your own general and specific tasks.

take a pro-active role and use own initiative in the classroom encourage and support children in making decisions about their own learning by providing appropriate levels of assistance for individual children provide challenges to support independent learning by encouraging children to review their own learning abilities and support areas of possible development lead specific activities set out by the teacher for children with special needs observe children and make necessary changes to tasks and activities specifically for Special Education Needs children in order for them to successfully achieve and meet needs support children with behavioural difficulties to remain on track and also children with low levels of concentration by re-explaining tasks or worksheets assist children with organisational problems to become more structured to help them begin their work quickly and understand the value of basic logic help with reading, spelling, phonic and memory tests

record children’s achievements and be prepared to feedback to parents as and when required report back to the teacher as required to maintain best possible performance

Question 5:

Briefly describe the role of...
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