Unit 307, Outcome 1: Support Assessment for Learning

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Support assessment for learning

Compare and contrast the roles of the teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learners achievements

In order to assess pupil’s achievements the teacher will take the main lead in doing so and the learning support practitioner will take guidance from the teacher’s assessments in order to support the pupil’s progress. In order to have a clear vision of the students ability and how they are progressing, the class teacher will monitor and assess students achievements, conduct reports of the achievements found for the department; other staff including year learning co-ordinators; and for the parents, they will also have meetings to share examples of pupil’s progress and discuss why they think that child is working at that particular level, this will further help the teacher to shape and adapt their teaching to a child’s individual needs. The teaching assistant’s role at this time will be to support the teacher and have an input by discussing how they also believe the student is coping with the subject and to help set targets that can be put into the report so the student can achieve to their full potential.

In order for students to progress in a lesson a teacher will plan each lesson by producing a scheme of work, so that the learning objectives for that lesson are clear, the teaching assistant will support the teacher by looking at the scheme of work prepared and after discussing with the teacher will prepare differentiated materials for SEN and targeted students and make sure these are done before the lesson is due to take place. The teaching assistant can also support the teacher by helping manage classroom behaviour, and keeping students especially targeted students focused on the task at hand, encouraging students by making positive comments and prompting them to participate in the lesson.

Summarise the difference between formative and summative assessment.

A formative assessment assists...
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