Tda 3.7 1.1 Support Assessment for Learning

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TDA 3.7 Support Assessment for learning
1.1 Compare and contrast the roles of the Teacher and the learning support practitioner in assessment of learners achievements. The roles of a teacher as compared to a learning support practitioner arte more of a authority figure and a role model. The day to day running’s and main responsibilities of the whole class are on the teacher. the Teacher will also plan the lesson so that the learners can progress. In contrast of the roles of the teacher compared to the learning support practitioner, it is clear that one person is managing the other, in this case the learning support practitioners first point of contact would be the teacher and the teachers is answerable to the Head Teacher. The teacher also holds more legal responsibility in the classroom than the teaching assistant. In comparison with education, in order to teach learner’s, the Teacher will generally be more qualified and have more training with regards to teaching. However, the Teaching Assistant is also partially responsible for the class and has to make sure that the learners are taught in a way that the Teacher has planned. Although the Teacher and learning support practitioner have different legal responsibilities, they both need to make sure that the learner is learning to the ability that they are required Assessment for learning is the process of looking for evidence for use by learners and their teachers to decide what stage the learners are in and where there is room for progression, and how they will go about doing this. It is more the Teaching Assistants job to pace the session to the learning style and ability of the children. In comparison, the TeacSher and Learning support practitioner both work together in helping children to achieve targets and carry out joint observations. However, the learning support practitioner must also Carry out their observation of a group they are working with and provide clear factual feedback to the Teacher so...
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