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T.D.A.2.10: Support Learning Activities
As a Teaching assistant I am not directly involved in the long term planning of the lessons or medium term. However, in some instances where there are children with special educational needs there is a book in which targets are highlighted. In my role as a teaching assistant I am able to plan activities for these children in order to help them achieve their targets or at least move towards them. This is done on an ad hoc basis using free time or spending time during a numeracy or literacy lesson where they are struggling. I write down my findings and suggestions. This can then be referred to by the class teacher and her job share partner when needed. There are discussions with the class teacher as to what methods may be best implemented and together we draft a plan for the child. I also oversee groups of children and then discuss and review their progress or lack of with the teacher so that we can decide as to what the best course of action is. However, if a child needs more intensive/specialist intervention then this will be formally referred to the SENCO who will assign the appropriate course of action. Each day the teacher presents the lesson plans to me and for the group of children I am working with. I then have time to look at the work, take it in and prepare the necessary materials for the lesson. It is important that the Teaching Assistant is aware of the learning objectives so that you are clear on what the children are expected to achieve. A Teaching Assistant works alongside the Class Teacher supporting learning activities as directed by the teacher. Also it is important to assess and evaluate the work as directed by the teacher. The Teaching Assistant should also give feedback following planned activities and to report any problems or queries.
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