Support Learning Activities

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  • Published : August 27, 2013
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Unit 210 Support Learning Activities

Outcome 1 Support the teacher in planning learning activities 1.1 Teaching assistants should be a lot more actively involved in delivering learning activities.   This may be by setting up the room with the correct resources before the lesson takes place and laying out the tables and chairs etc.   One to one support may be needed for some pupils; this should have been discussed before the lesson.   It may be that the T.A is put to work with one specific table/group of children or just float around the classroom and be available if any of the children ask for help.   It would be most likely that after the activity the T.A would pack resources and work away while 1.2 My own strengths: I will try new things. I will try anything once. Working as a team. Thinking outside the box. I have ideas and suggestions that maybe the teacher hadn’t thought of. My weaknesses: Can be a bit negative at times, which would not be helpful to anyone. I have to know something is going to work. On the whole things have worked well between the teacher and I and we have had some good results and kept to the National Curriculum as humanly possible with an ASD child. 1.3 I have been on courses for children with ASD and am able to put that knowledge to use as far as the curriculum goes and this in turn enables me to contribute to the planning with the teacher. I do keep to the curriculum as much as possible and as much as her attention span will allow. Any information I require to support learning activities, I obtain from the internet or ask relevant people at school
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