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The school have a multitude of laws in place that protect children . These are continually amended and updated . These are there to protect the welfare of the children within the school with the aim of improving child health with the public health sector . These policies are put in place to protect children from harmful effects of poverty , family and parenting problems , child abuse and neglect . The school have a responsibility to protect children and will get outside assistance if required . There are National , local organisations and laws that help children in need and they share the responsibility in meeting the requirements to protect children . The school protects each child and if they suspect abuse they have a duty to refer a child to social services or other agencies that deal with these issues so that a risk assessment can be carried out .

There are frameworks that directly impact on how a teaching assistant works with children in schools. These school and statutory frameworks include .

Teaching assistants must follow the school policies and keep all information about the children and other work colleagues private at all times . The teaching assistant should not discuss any information about pupils , teachers and other members of staff outside of school .

2 .
The teaching assistant must provide each child with equal access to opportunities to learn and develop . Some children need more support than others and It is the teaching assistants role to work with the children or group to ensure that the class teacher has more free time to help these children, who require extra help to ensure they have equal opportunities .

Teaching assistants can offer support for small groups of children or the individual child by providing them with opportunities to make their own choices and take responsibility for their own actions . The teaching assistant can help by building up their confidence supporting them to try new things out and encourage them to learn new skills to become more independent and more self-reliant . She can work with pupils one on one or take a small group of children and work with them together building their independence and encouraging them to try new things. Encouraging children to help others in the group can build confidence .

Teaching assistants are there to ensure that all pupils needs are met . They are employed to give specific help to pupils to overcome learning barriers . They can help build up confidence , self-esteem and independence in pupils to enable that child to reach their full potential and keep up with their peers .

Teaching assistants must comely with the schools policies and legislation about discrimination and must not treat an individual differently because they are from another cultural background , colour , religion , disability or sex preference. They must treat all pupils equally and promote anti-discriminatory within the school and be a good role model for the pupils . They must also teach the children to follow these rules and explain why this is important to the running of the school.

A teaching assistant should be aware of policies and procedures within the school that keep if a safe , clean and hygienic setting for children in their care . High standards of cleanness should be met to keep children safe at all times . The teaching assistant can help by informing children of the risks of poor hygiene and the importance of washing hands and personal hygiene . Teaching the children food preparation and the importance of hygiene . The teaching assistants role is to keep the children safe at all times and to teach them of dangers in...
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