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TASK 1 Describe the key aspects of the role of a teaching assistant.

The key aspects of a teaching assistants’ role covers four main areas: Supporting the teacher, supporting the pupil, supporting the curriculum and supporting the school.
To support the teacher, a teaching assistant will work under the class teacher’s direction and will perform practical and administrative tasks that will enable the teacher to have more time to teach. This can be accomplished by helping to supervise and support pupils whilst learning, helping to prepare, organise and maintain the classroom or learning environment being used, including any equipment or materials and resources. The teaching assistant will ensure they have a working knowledge of the curriculum, of all school policies, procedures and record keeping so that they can help enable the teacher to fulfilling all requirements and implement them. The key aspect to supporting the teacher is to assist in any way needed that enables the teacher to do their job more effectively, which is to teach.

To support the pupil, a teaching assistant will again take direction from the class teacher and will use the learning environment, equipment, materials and resources around them to enhance the pupils learning experiences and provide the appropriate level of support. A teaching assistant will help the pupil by having a good knowledge of child development, child protection, school behaviour and health and safety policies and implement them to help maintain a healthy, safe and nurturing environment for pupils to learn and develop in. A teaching assistant will also know how to support inclusion and equal opportunities within the classroom and how to observe and record pupil’s progress to aid the teacher in assessing their learning and development.

To support the curriculum, a teaching assistant will take direction from the class teacher in how they can assist with planning, delivering, implementing and evaluating the learning goals that are taking place. The teaching assistant should make sure they are familiar with the area of the curriculum that is being taught so that they can fully support the class teacher and the pupil and help to stimulate and motivate pupils to learn.

To support the school, a teaching assistant will have a good working knowledge and understanding of all policies, procedures, legal responsibilities, and record keeping requirements for that individual school and know how to implement them efficiently and effectively. Teaching assistants support the school by being involved in not only the day to day tasks within the classroom but by being actively involved in meetings, class trips, and playground duties. A teaching assistant will be supporting their school by ensuring that professionally they take opportunities to further develop their knowledge by taking part in training and learning opportunities themselves.

Give examples of some tasks that can be carried out by a teaching assistant to support the teacher

Tasks that can be carried out by a teaching assistant to support the teacher could include:

Ensuring that classroom equipment, materials and resources are well stocked, kept clean, tidy, maintained, organised and repaired when needed. If there are any incomplete tasks, maintenance or repair needs, these are communicated to the teacher. •Help the teacher to prepare learning resources and materials before the start of the school day. This could include for example; photocopying, cutting out, sticking and gluing learning resource's to be used as teaching aids for spelling books, preparing or laying out certain toys or equipment to be used as a tool to help class discussion specific to the teacher's theme. •Assisting the teacher with pupil behaviour and...
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