Teaching Assistant Level 2 Assignment 1

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Task one

There are four main aspects of a teaching assistant which are too:-

Support the teacher
These tasks can range from:
* Organising the classroom equipment.
* Assisting in preparation for tasks.
* Making sure all equipment is used safely by pupils.
* Ensuring safe use of the internet.
* Displaying of objects either as wall displays or table displays * Promoting good behaviour in the children.
* Observe and record certain elements of the pupil’s academic work therefore taking some pressure off the teacher having to complete all observations themselves. * Provide clerical assistance e.g. photocopying, typing, collecting money etc.

Support the pupil
There are various ways in which you can support the pupil with the main issues being there: * Social and emotional development.
* looking for signs of distress and tying to dissolve those issues. * Making sure you are caring and comforting.
* Deal with any accidents that the pupil may have.
* Making sure the teaching assistant knows and follows the school procedures ensuring a safe environment for the pupil.

Support the curriculum.
In order to support the curriculum the teaching assistant must have * A good knowledge of the curriculum therefore is able to assist the pupil’s in their learning. * Being able to deliver learning activities effectively.

* Supporting pupils in understanding instructions.

Support the school.
Every teaching assistant needs to support the school in several different ways: * Be aware of and comply with policies and procedures relating to child promotion, health, safety and security, confidentially and data protection. * Ensuring all pupils have equal access to opportunities to learn and develop. * Contribute to overall ethos/work/aims of the school.

* Appreciate and support the role of other professionals.
* Attend relevant meetings.
* Participate in training
* Assist with the supervision of pupils out of lesson time.
* Accompany teaching staff and pupils on visits, trips and out of school activities.

Task two

There are many tasks in which the teaching assistant can assist the teacher they can range from:

* Preparing and maintaining the learning environment.
Preparing and maintaining the learning environment, such as keeping all resources in good order (pencils sharpened, enough paper etc) and making sure the classroom is neat and tidy.
* Preparing learning resources.
Preparing learning resources could be anything that they teacher may require to assist with an activity such as placing a certain amount of cubes on a table, laying out paints or placing toys on the carpet.

* Ensuring safe use of the internet.
The teaching assistant should always watch the children when they are on the internet to make sure they don’t reveal their identity, make sure that they are on safe websites and making sure they know the appropriate use of the internet.

* Organising school work displays.
Organising wall displays are a big part of the classroom decor, they promote a stimulating environment to work in and it shows everyone what their topic is. As the topic changes every term the teacher will require help from their assistant.

* Promoting good behaviour.
The teaching assistant is the teacher’s second pair of eyes when it comes to the behaviour of the pupils, the teaching assistant will help the teacher to promote good behaviour by using a correct balance of praise and correction, being consistent and listening to the children.

* Observing and recording the performance of individuals or groups. A teacher needs help to observe and record all the information needed to understand the ability of each child, this is where the teaching assistant may sit with a small group or 1-1 and do a certain task the same way the teacher would so therefore getting through all of the children in half the time.

Task 3

When contributing to a lesson given to a group of seven year olds learning...
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