Teacher Assistant Level 3 Module 1 Assingment

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Assignment 1

Question 1: Give examples of how would you plan activities:
First knowing the subject, then deciding the length of the lesson and which key stage is it aimed for. Writing the teaching objectives and the learning outcomes, what the pupils will be able to do at the end of the lesson. Figure what would be the best resources to use for the topic, this could be a projector, toys, photocopies, flashcards, etc. Plan the activities, commencing with a starter for the whole class to familiarise with the topic and finding what they already know about it. Then following with an introduction of the subject and and activity for the whole class, then asking questions and develop the topic, maybe in small groups, for a longer period of time. Give them an activity related to the topic and provide aids and materials to help them to perform the activity successfully. Then give time for the students to do the activity, always checking their progress and solving their questions. Ask the students to choose a member of the group to share their results. Have ready some extra tasks to be done if there is a need for an extension Then assess the results

link the topic with examples that the pupils can relate to. Ask the students for other uses for the information given. Leave some homework or task to do at home with a parent or carer. Encourage to do some extra activities like keeping a diary.

Question 2: Describe your role in delivering learning activities. Even tough my role will depend on the school and my experience, understanding the activity and the pupils is a must. My role consists of assisting the teacher by preparing the learning environment to meet the need of all the pupils in the class and providing the appropriate learning activities and materials. Supervising an individual or small group of pupils, always maintaining their safety and interacting with them to focus their attention on the learning potential of the learning materials. Using praise and...
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