Teaching Assistant

Topics: Education, Learning, Psychology Pages: 3 (1166 words) Published: May 5, 2011
As a teaching assistant my roles responsibilities and boundaries, would be spread over a broad spectrum of areas and tasks and in preparing for, delivering, assessing and reviewing the courses I would deliver, applying the P.A.R. (Present, Apply, Review) principles not only in the direct delivery of my subject but as a broader ethos surrounding my whole teaching cycle.

On employment with a local primary school my initial responsibilities would be to review the Protocols, rules and regulations of the school which are the most fundamental boundaries, to review the contents of existing courses (or units for the children’s courses) that were already being provided in my subject area of primary teaching , examining the associated schemes of work and lesson plans to ensure that I had a good grasp of what I was expected to teach, ( it may be impossible to assimilate all of this information in one go , but I would go into each session having researched what I am expected to know and impart to the students). Drawing from my own experience I would offer to open a dialogue (using course data) with my colleagues and peers, be they fellow tutors or superiors, to see where the delivery could be strengthened, via its content (syllabus non-withstanding) timing structure , scale, location and facilities on offer. This would be with a view to improving course numbers and positive learning outcomes which is a core responsibility. A boundary here would be if I were employed in a role which did not allow this kind of input, a barrier would be the annoyance of staff who has already delivered children’s courses or units (as I have little teaching experience) so consideration and good interpersonal skills would need to come to the fore. This information would feed into my role of preparing my own subject ‘schemes of work’, it would be my responsibility to analyse the requirements of the syllabus, making sure that I understood it myself by carrying out research to bring myself up to...
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