Elp Improve Own and Team Practice in Schools

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TDA 2.6 Help improve own and team practice in schools |

Describe why team work is important in schools
It is important to work as part of team as this can only gain better results, you can listen to other people and their ideas and also share your own ideas and experiences. Working as a team can also reduce your own work load through sharing good practice, sharing worksheets, saving time preparing your own worksheets for your class. Everyone within your team will know what the target goal is and work together to achieve it. Relationships between staff within your team will get stronger and you will feel valued and this will help build your confidence and self esteem. When you work together there is consistency therefore if a member of staff is absent then other staff members can cover their role. Good communication is essential working as part of a team and team members can discuss particular children who they feel may be showing signs of problems or lack of understanding and all work together to find a way to help that child.

Describe own role and responsibilities and those of others in the team There are many duties and responsibilities a teacher has and the following is a general overview. Prepare lessons and resources, prepare & mark homework, assignments and assessments. Researching information to ensure the knowledge they impart is current. Identify the needs of individual students in their classes and work to help each child develop their own potential, assist children to learn, identify emotional, intellectual, physical etc issues which may be hindering the student from learning to their best potential, liaise with other teachers and parents, attend professional development sessions, to treat all students with respect and teach them to teach others with respect. The role of Teaching Assistants is a very open and varied role, which could include: Assist individual students in performing activities run by the teacher or take booster...
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