Critical Review of “Teaching Teams About Team Work: Preparation, Practice, and Performance Review”

Topics: Collaboration, Leadership, Skill Pages: 3 (799 words) Published: July 29, 2012
Critical Review of “Teaching Teams about Team Work: Preparation, Practice, and Performance Review”

The article ‘Teaching Teams about Team Work: Preparation, Practice, and Performance Review’ in Business Communication Quarterly, written by Lisa Gueldenzoph Snyder (2009) discuss the idea of the importance of teaching team about teamwork. The thesis is explained in three main points: preparing students for teamwork, practicing successful team collaboration, and reviewing performance and revising. After summarising the content of this article, the critical review will discuss the benefit of learning to collaborate; however, the idea by Gueldenzoph Snyder does not fully incorporate with the way team works.

Preparing students for teamwork focuses on those students who lack in skills of teamwork, and should learn how to enhance their collaborative skills before the team is created. Gueldenzoph Snyder suggested offering tutorial works to those that are struggling with organisational or grammatical elements. The author also emphasised on the importance of having the instructors to provide extra instruction on the element of successful teamwork (as cited in Gueldenzoph Snyder, p. 75). The reason is that, most students will perform badly on their team projects, if they do not receive instruction regarding how to improve their collaborative skills. Gueldenzoph Snyder compared the teamwork in business communication to that of sports teams, to be a first-class sport team, the athletes often need to prepare, practice and review their performance, and teamwork in business communication is the same.

Second point on practicing successful collaboration makes note on the consistency of team members in the group throughout a number of projects or assignments. The benefit of having the same members over different projects allow students to collaborate better by having a good understanding between each member on the way they work. A list of examples was also recorded in the...
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