Describe Roles and Responsibilities of School Governors Etc

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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School governorsVolunteers who ensure the school provide a good quality education. Decides the schools general policy and approach to meet the needs of learners with additional learning needs. Set the school’s budget.

Works in partnership with Head teacher, ensuring Head teacher sets objectives and priorities in the school development plan. Reports annually to parents on the schools Additional Educational Needs policy.

Senior management teamSetting objectives and priorities in the school development plan. Setting a budget for AEN within the school’s overall financial resources. Informing the Governing body.

TeachersDevise strategies and identifying appropriate different methods of access to the curriculum. Monitor progress of learners.
Recognising that central to the work of every teacher is the cycle of planning, teaching, assessing and evaluating that takes account of the wide range of abilities, aptitudes and interest of the learners in their classes. Raise individual concerns to the head of learning support.

Support staffSupport learners with additional educational needs. Planning and delivering an individualised programme where appropriate. Monitoring progress.
Assist with drawing up provision plans/classroom support plans for the learners they are responsible for. Contributing to the review progress.

SENCoDisseminating information and awareness of additional educational needs issues throughout the school. Managing and developing the roles of Teaching Assistants.
Screening and identifying learners with additional educational needs. Supporting teaching and learning of learners with additional educational needs. Keep accurate records of all learners.
Liaising with parents of learners with additional educational needs. Liaising with other SENCo’s.
Contributing to in-service training.
Ensure the TA’s are correctly trained and that they work with learners who need their help.
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