Creating Effective Language Lessons

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In Creating Effective Language Lessons authors Jack C. Richards and David Bohlke examine the essential characteristics of good teaching that lead to the creation of effective lessons. By exploring the thinking, skills, and practices that expert teachers employ in the classroom, Richards and Bohlke outline the key principles that language teachers need to be familiar with in order to create and plan effective lessons while fostering a positive attitude toward learning in a student-centered classroom.

Jack C. Richards is an internationally renowned specialist in English Language Teaching and an applied linguist and educator. He is the author of numerous professional books for English language teachers as well as many widely used textbooks for English language students. His titles include the best-selling Interchange series, Four Corners, Passages, Connect, and Strategic Reading.

David Bohlke has over 20 years of experience as a materials writer, editor, language consultant, teacher, and teacher trainer. He specializes in creating fun, flexible, and easy-to-use classroom materials and has conducted multiple teacher training workshops around the world. He is also co-author of Four Corners.

Creating Effective
Language Lessons
Jack C. Richards
and David Bohlke

Creating Effective
Language Lessons
Jack C. Richards
and David Bohlke

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Examing an effective language lesson  1


Creating a positive learning environment  15


Developing learner-centered teaching  25


Planning and reviewing your lessons  35

Conclusions  43

References and further reading  44



Each time you enter your classroom, you set out to teach an effective lesson. You want to present a lesson that motivates your students, provides useful and relevant language practice, and helps the learners gain confidence in using English. But how can these goals be achieved? The nature of effective lessons and the way in which teachers create them is not always clear. Two teachers may teach the same lesson from a textbook or from a similar lesson plan, yet go about it very differently. Despite the fact that each teacher has his or her own individual teaching style, both lessons may be quite effective. And sometimes learners may enjoy a lesson a great deal even though the teacher’s impression is that that the lesson failed to achieve its goals. On the other hand, a teacher may feel that he or she covered a lesson plan very effectively, yet the students appear not to have learned very much from it.

Task 1
What, in your opinion, are the essential characteristics of an effective lesson? List three or four below.

In this booklet, we will examine a number of essential characteristics of good teaching in an attempt to throw some light on what we consider to be an effective lesson. We will explore some of the thinking, skills, and practices that expert teachers employ in the classroom. We will also invite you to share your ideas and experience with others as we take a closer look at the nature of effective language teaching. To do this, we will begin by discussing what we see as eight principles of an effective language lesson.

Introduction  1

1. ...
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