Teaching Assistant

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1. My contribution would be to follow instructions given by the teacher for that particular lesson. To organise an area to seat 7 children . I would prepare the area and set out the learning material and instruments and instructions for each child to use . I would assist the children in following the teachers instructions and encourage all of the children to take part in the lesson .I would also watch the children carefully to make sure they understood the teachers instructions , if a child was struggling i would gently tell them again and help them to understand what was happening in the lesson . Engaging and encouraging each child to explore the different sounds and experiment with the instruments . If the children have different instruments i think it would be a good idea to take it in turns to try out each instrument so the child gets to experience each instrument and they can have the same experience and discuss this with each other at the end of the lesson . I can also ask them questions about which instrument they liked best . I would ask the children to use the instruments carefully and safely .I would also praise the children for taking part in the lesson and thanking them for taking part in the discussion . i think it is important for every child to feel involved and to know that i am interested in there playing and show i am there to enjoy the lesson with them .I also think it is important ask the children questions about what they thought about each instrument and if they enjoyed playing it . I would show the children that i am interested in their opinion and listen to them and also try and teach this to the other children about listening to each others opinions. At the end of the lesson i would ask the children to return each instrument carefully to me and i would return the instruments to the music store area and clear away another learning material used the the music lesson ....
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