Study of Ob in Square Textile Ltd

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1. Origin of the Report: This report is prepared as a requirement of the course curriculum of ‘Human and Organizational Behavior’ by studying organizational behavior practice in Square Textile Limited. I have selected Square Textiles Ltd. By interviewing senior manager of HR, I came to know about various aspects of OB are practiced in this organization. Though it is a textile, it has proved itself in the related industry as a major competitor.

2. Objective:
The broad objective of this report is to provide an overview of OB practice of Square Textile Ltd. The specific objectives of this report are :

•To provide Company overview.
• To discuss management system specially the practice of OB.

2 Methodology.

To prepare this report I have collected data from different published materials. Secondary sources are Internet, magazine, newspaper, advertisement, etc. After that I have prepared a questionnaire and took interview of one of the executive serving in this Company. Thus I have used both primary and secondary data to prepare this report. 

1.4. Limitations

Executives are very busy. Managing their appointment for interview is very difficult within my stipulated time. So scarcity of time was the main barrier for me to formulate a complete report. However interview and telephone conversation helped me to formulate the report.

1.5. Scope of the Study

My study contains the discussions and findings about Practice of OB in Square Textile Ltd. Practice of OB are very new concept for Bangladesh. The organization practices various aspects of OB but there are scope to enhance behavior management to get more output to survive in the competitive market environment. In this report I have followed the guidelines provided by the teacher. Here I have mainly focused on practice of OB of Square Textile Ltd.


Literature Survey

2.1. Organizational Behavior. Organizational Behavior (OB) is the study of behavior in an organization. There are three determinants of behavior in order to make an organization more effective: individual, groups, and structure. The people within the organization and their behaviors affect the performance of the organization. There are a number of behavioral disciplines that contribute to OB: psychology, sociology, social psychology, anthropology, and political science. There are lot of challenges and opportunities today for managers to use OB concepts. One of the most important and broad-based challenges facing organizations today is adapting to diverse work environments. Organizations are becoming more heterogeneous in terms of gender, race, and ethnicity. Understanding the concepts of OB allows management to facilitate the needs of a diverse workforce. Classical organization theory, evolved during the first half of this century, did not account for the needs of diverse workforce. It represented the merger of scientific management, bureaucratic theory, and administrative theory.

2.2. An Organizational behavior system.

3. Models of Organizational Behavior.

o Autocratic - The basis of this model is power with a managerial orientation of authority. The employees in turn are oriented towards obedience and dependence on the boss. The employee need that is met is subsistence. The performance result is minimal.

o Custodial - The basis of this model is economic resources with a managerial orientation of money. The employees in turn are oriented towards security and benefits and dependence on the organization. The employee need that is met is security. The performance result is passive cooperation.

o Supportive - The basis of this model is leadership with a managerial orientation of support. The employees in turn are oriented towards job performance and participation. The employee need that is met is status and recognition. The performance result is awakened drives.

o Collegial -...
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