To Make Awareness About Blood Donation

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Introductory part

1.1Introduction: There are fears that a blood donation will leave us deficient and thin. It is just a myth and the fact is just opposite.  Blood donation is actually healthy for us. It ensures fresh blood production within our body and the donated blood is recovered within a short period of time. A donor (men and women) should be between 18-55 years with a body weight of 50 kg and above. ·         The pulse rate and temperature should be normal. ·         The blood pressure should be within a normal range. ·         Not in starvation or special dieting program Someone needs blood every 2 seconds. Accident victims, premature babies, Patients undergoing major surgeries require whole blood, Patients suffering from anemia, Cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy and Fresh frozen plasma is used for patients having massive transfusions and Patients with hemophilia. These kinds of people need blood and to save them each and every person should donate blood.

1.2 Goal of the report: making awareness to help the urgent patient.

1.3 Objective of the report: the objectives are:

• To know the right way to inform general people for blood donation.

• To know the cause why people don’t aware about the blood donation.

• To make a right thinking about blood donation.

• To understand the thinking of people as well as the government about the blood donation.

• To give inspiration to the general people for giving blood.

Methodology: To prepare the report data will be collected from our observation, interviews and some secondary data.

Sample size: 20

Survey: Formal survey

Limitation: The limitation is that the number of the participants as very small in this study. For that reason the findings of the research could not be generalized. We don’t have any experience of working in the project so we had a lot of lacking in our knowledge. These become hurdle to gather information about completing the project. For this reason we can’t have enough information as we demanded. There was limitation of time to complete the report.

Analysis and findings

Project Goal

• Meeting with specialist &related people: the purpose of this project is to create awareness among the people. By donating blood one human can save another human being. It’s important to understand the importance of the blood donation. The activities have been identified regarding these tasks are given below:

1. Listing down of specialist about blood donation: by finding out the specialist, has the experience about these types of projects. The specialist person cloud be a doctor and a person, had the knowledge of blood donation. This type of people help to know the useful of blood donation, how will arrange the project, what type of materials are needed for the seminar. Many people afraid of blood donation because of lack of knowledge. People would be interested if any specialist people are involved in this project.

2. Listing down of blood donation related person: the next activity will conducted by listing the person, who would be benefited or fits into the project. The people who already have the experience and contribute in these fields. These types of people can understand the motive and share their experience. By listing the specialist person it could be easy to recognize their contributions. This person can give different types of information and convince people more easily than anyone else.

3. Making a meeting with them: listing the specialist person is not enough for this project. These people have to be convinced by arranging a meeting. The meeting should be arrange according their time & schedules. The meeting should have the potential to convince these people. This meeting play very important role. A face to...
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