Organizational Behavior

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Running Head: Organizational Behavior

Erica Wilson
Organizational Behavior
AJS 512
Douglas Bryant III
April 23, 2012

Organizational Behavior

According to Schermerhorn, Hunt, Osborn, and Uhl-bien Organizational behavior is the study of individuals and groups in organizations (pg. 4). Organizational behavior is an applied discipline that is based on scientific method which was researched to help formulate teams and collegial work environments. The importance of organizational behavior is to better understand people as individuals and in groups. Organizational behavior also helps Us to understand interpersonal process, organizational dynamics with the purpose of achieving a goal. More than often the goal is to improve the performance of organizations and the people who work in them.

Organizational behavior can also help the employee/supervisor relationship by helping them to understand one another. Organizational behavior is a discipline that helps describe, predict, and control human behavior in an organizational environment.

From the readings I have gathered that organizational behavior is really concerned with how individuals and relate to and participate in group projects, how leadership is use in the work place, and how organizations functions to make change effective in an organizational setting.

Organizational behavior not only is geared to support the employees but the management as well which is also known as OBM Organizational Behavior Management. Organizational behavior uses a contingency approach that recognizes management practices that must fit the organizational behavior approach.

Different organizations use strategies to facilitate the accomplishment of purpose and mission. The people who are affected by the organizational behavior of the organizations are the customers, owners, local communities, employees, vendors and future generations. Organizational Behavior in the Work Setting

In an organization there is a...
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