A Study of O/E/N India Limited

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In the Indian electronics industry for over 35 years the name O/E/N India Limited has been synonymous with precision, high quality electromechanical components like relays, switches, trimming potentiometers and allied assemblies. This is a report on organizational study conducted in O/E/N India Limited, and is submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the MBA.(Full time) Degree of the Mahatma Gandhi University. I have undertaken the study to learn about the dynamics of organization as they function in the current time. The study also helps to gain insight into various management styles, various types of communication used within an organization (such as using old or conventional methods, new methods using internet and emails), work ethics, cultural diversity, types of technology used and also politics, because no organization can work in the complete isolation as they are living in a global village. O/E/N India Limited was selected for undergoing the study for the following reasons: 1. O/E/N India Limited has the position of being the market leader in the electro-mechanical component industry. 2. O/E/N India Limited offers comprehensive range of products with application in most segments of electronic industry including communication, automotive, strategic industrial control, and instrumentation and consumer electronics. 3. It has successfully established customer loyalty working towards establishing lesser gap between customer wants and products/services they deliver. 1.2 SCOPE OF STUDY

The study is intended to attain a firsthand experience of the overall running of an organization. A detailed analysis of each of the activities performed by the departments is included in the study. It also provides a chance to see the practical constraints faced by the managers while putting theory into practice. 1.3 OBJECTIVE OF STUDY

Textbooks, Journals, Libraries etc. can provide only limited amount of knowledge about the activities inside an organization. In the modern world of improved knowledge and technology, management students who have clamor for taking corporate jobs should be aware of various functions within an organization. For getting detailed knowledge about such things, it is better to have a close observation about such functions. An organizational study also provides hands on experience to them. Books and classroom lectures give more emphasis to theoretical aspects of management and concept development. But in the actual practice things may not be exactly the same as theory. The process and activities in an organization depends on the products, size of operation, competitiveness its organizational framework, and like. The present organization study is undertaken with certain clear-cut objectives. The objectives are given below: * To familiarize with the business organization.

* To familiarize with the different departments in the organization and learn their structure and functioning. * To identify the functional areas in the organization and get an insight to various practices, policies and procedures. * To understand how key business processes are carried out in the organization at different levels. * To observe and interact with the employees and to understand working environment of the organization. * To analyze the strength, weakness opportunities and threats for the organization. * To relate theoretical knowledge with actual practice.

The study was undertaken by visiting O/E/N India Ltd for a period of one month. Both primary and secondary sources are used. Data Collection
Primary sources:
Direct personal interview with different departmental heads and other officials at O/E/N were used as the method for collecting primary data. Secondary sources:
The secondary sources of data are:
l. Organization documents
2. Annual reports
3. Periodicals, books etc. published by the company
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