Topics: Natural environment, Assessment, Environment Pages: 3 (450 words) Published: March 10, 2013

To: Shore School
Attention: Mr Scozzi/ Shore Year 8 Geography Students
From: National Parks & Wildlife Service
Sent: 15/02/2013

Dear Mr Scozzi,

I’ve just been in contact with our Sydney NPWS Head-Office and they have been quite impressed with the effort and knowledge displayed by your Year 8 Geography students during their recent visit to Camp Kedron earlier in the week.

We were so enthralled with their work that they kindly have requested some additional information from the fieldwork studies carried out in the area. This will help to grasp a clearer picture on the physical environment of the wider Ku-ring-gai National Park.

I have attached a list of requirements that we need in order to make this request a success.

Once again I thank you and your students on such a great initiative.

Good Luck!

Ranger. Frank Stalliano

Year 8 ‘Investigating the World’ Geography Assignment.

• You are to create a Research report on the results that you have collected at Camp Kedron during your excursion.

- There needs to be 3 sections for this report and they are to be as followed:

Due Date- Handed in to your teacher by 3pm Thursday, 28/2/2013 (Day 1)

Section 3-


Human Impact

In this section you need to describe (provide characteristics and features) and assess (make a judgment) the impact of people on the physical environment at Camp Kedron.

- In this section you should include a description/ assessment on the impacts that humans have caused at the field study site - Some Evidence of these impacts through the use of your results.

Length – 2 pages

Section 2-


Plant Community Comparison-

In this section you need to compare (show how things are similar or different) the plant communities studied in the 2 locations whilst at Camp Kedron.

- In this section you should...
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