Research Papers for Vietnam War

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Vietnam War Research Paper:

During the 30 years of XX century Vietnam was at war. It all started in the 1940′s, when the Communists fought against French colonial rule, and was completed in 1975 with the fall of Saigon.
The period, which the Vietnamese know as the “American War” and the Americans call the “Vietnam War”, lasted from 1965 to 1973, during the time of the U.S. intervention.
The communist leader Ho Chi Minh led his forces based in the north and defeated the French in 1954. Agreements was signed, which divided the country into the pro-American South and communist north, with a demilitarized zone between them. Continue reading → This entry was posted in Research papers and tagged how to write a research paper on the Vietnam War, Vietnam War research papers, Vietnam War research project on May 21, 2013. Research Proposal on Organizational Behaviour

Organizational Behaviour Research Proposal:

Organizational behaviour is the study which researches the norms and standards of the interrelations of the people in the boarders of an organization. Evidently, every organization, public or private consists of a staff of people, which coexist and work together for the single aim. Naturally, organizational behaviour is extremely important in business because the success of the company, the quality and the quantity of the work and produced goods and services depends on the working atmosphere and healthy relations and understanding of the employees and managers. The principles of organizational behaviour are based on the psychological study of behaviourism.

Human behaviour has been researched in detail in different situations and is used for the creation of the rules and methods of human resource management. In order to organize the work of the staff, managers create many methods. Continue reading → This entry was posted in Research proposals and tagged organizational behavior research projects, organizational behaviour research papers, organizational behaviour research proposal on May 21, 2013. Research Paper on Use of Internet

Use of the Internet Research Paper:

The use of advanced technology for the organization of communications, processing, and dissemination of information is not new and has a history as old as writing. However, over the last 50 years due to the exponential development of information technology, this process has become very intensive.

One of the most important phenomena, characteristic of our time, has become the convergence of information processes with the latest technological developments, mainly related to the communications sector. The massive invasion of the Internet has allowed corporate sector and educational institutions to see clearly, where and how advanced communication technology can be used in their daily activities. How and for how much an access to all information sources of the world are able to improve their performance. The more intense is an integration of modern ICT in different areas of our life, the more obvious is their role and importance. Continue reading → This entry was posted in Research papers and tagged research paper about internet, Use of Internet research paper, Use of Internet research proposal on May 20, 2013. Research Proposal on Deforestation

Deforestation Research Proposal:

Deforestation is the process of the cutting down of forests for various purposes. Forests are cut down, because people require more territories for agriculture, cattle, more the building of towns, villages and roads. Moreover, the problem of deforestation appears under the effect of the natural influence, for example, storm, flooding, draught, fire, acid rains etc. But it is obvious that all these problems are caused by the human activity. So, the key reason of deforestation is not the simple logging of wood, but the neglect of planting new trees on the place of the cut down ones. As a result, the territory becomes free of trees which can cause the...
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