Student Grading System

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Comprehensive Information Management for Schools G/T (CIMS® G/T)

Student Grading System User’s Guide

NCS Publication Number 649 400 205

Second Edition (July 1999)
This edition applies to Version 7.00 of the NCS Comprehensive Information Management for Schools G/T (CIMS® G/T) Student Grading System (SGS™) product for IBM AS/400* systems, and to all subsequent releases and modifications until otherwise indicated in new editions or updates. The data used to illustrate the reports and screen images may include names of individuals, companies, brands, and products. All of these names are fictitious; any similarities to actual names are entirely coincidental. Further, any illustrations of report formats or screen images are examples only, and reflect how a typical customer would install and use the product. CIMS® and SCH® are registered trademarks of National Computer Systems, Inc. ACS™, SMS™, SAS™, SGS™, CSO™, NCS Abacus™ and Performance Plus™ are trademarks of National Computer Systems, Inc. *IBM® and AS/400® are registered trademarks of the International Business Machines Corporation. GUI/400 is a product of Seagull Business Software B.V. and a trademark of International Business Machines Corporation. Copyright © 1997, 1999 National Computer Systems, Inc. Printed in the U.S.A. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced in any form or by any means without permission in writing from National Computer Systems, Inc.

About This Guide
District and school-level users of the Comprehensive Information Management for Schools G/T (CIMS® G/T) Student Grading System (SGS™), Version 7.00, will benefit from this user’s guide. The guide contains instructions for implementing the Student Grading System, entering student grades, calculating cumulative grade point averages, and maintaining student transcripts. Before using this user’s guide, you must install the CIMS G/T Application Control System (ACS™) and the Student Management System (SMS™). See the Application Control System User’s Guide for information on installing applications.

Copyright © National Computer Systems, Inc. 1997, 1999

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Student Grading System User’s Guide

How This User’s Guide Is Organized
This user’s guide contains eight chapters: Chapter 1, “Introduction,” describes the features available in the Student Grading System. It provides an overview of the SGS programs and describes the methods available for managing student grading information. Chapter 2, “Implementing the Student Grading System,” describes the programs you use to implement the Student Grading System. Chapter 3, “Entering and Maintaining Grades,” describes two methods of entering and changing student grades, on a student-by-student basis or by using the grading worksheet. This chapter also provides instructions for printing sample grading reports, including report cards. Chapter 4, “Printing Grading Reports,” describes some of the additional grading reports you can print to review grading information. Chapter 5, “Maintaining the Honor Roll,” describes how to define honor roll formats and print the defined honor roll reports. Chapter 6, “Maintaining Transcripts,” includes instructions to post student transcript information manually or automatically. This chapter also describes how to remove old transcript records from the system. Chapter 7, “Reviewing Graduation Requirements,” summarizes the process of tracking graduation requirements for your students. The chapter also describes the programs you can use to display graduation requirement status. Chapter 8, “Using the Grading Report Writer,” describes how to define report formats for the Grading Report Writer. It also describes the program you use to print your defined reports. The Appendixes provide general reference information about the student applications, including the SGS product. Appendix A contains instructions for reporting on several students. Appendix B provides a list...
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