Pass/Fail Grading System

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Traditional Letter Grading Vs. Pass/Fail Grading System
Every student has had to deal with the traditional letter grading system at some point throughout their educational career. While I do think that the pass/fail grading system would help students be less stressed in school, I do not think that it is the proper way to grade. Letter grading keeps competition in the classroom, not always among all the students but also among oneself; it rewards the students for their hard work and dedication, and it could help them get the career they want later in life. While I do think that many students could benefit from a pass/fail grading system, I think that taking away letter grades at a high school or college would do nothing but hurt the students. Letter grades are the measurement of the students’ performance and students who actually try their best to do the work and succeed, would not want to be placed in a class with students receiving the same grade as them who are only doing enough work to get by. Many of the students who are getting the good grades in school take pride in their work and make sure they are doing their best to get the grades they get. The only good way to look at taking away the letter grading system is for students who aren’t trying their hardest to succeed, or ones that are trying their best but aren’t quite getting it. But just because the standards are lowered and these students are passing just like the best students in the class, it doesn’t mean they fully understand the material and these students wouldn’t get offered much help because teachers would see them as passing, not just barely passing. Grades are a great way to get students motivated. If students knew they could pass a class by just doing the minimum and get the same grade as everyone else, they wouldn’t try as hard. I know if it were me, I wouldn’t put a ton of hard work into something just to get the same grade as someone who is only doing half the work that I am. The letter...
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