Srs of Student Academic Progress Management

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Table of Contents
1.3Acronyms and Abbreviations3
1.4Intended Audiences4
2Overall Description5
2.1Operating Environment5
2.2System Context Diagram5
2.3Functional Requirement/ Product Features6
2.4Use Cases7
2.5Non-Functional Requirements7
3External Interface Requirements8
3.1User Interface8
3.2Communication Interface8


This module is a part of a large project being developed to manage an educational institute. The scope of this module is to enable the system to track and maintain student’s academic progress and to bridge the gap between student and the academic officers. This system will also enable the faculty and other authorized personnel to view a student’s current academic status and performance. Scope

This module will be designed to perform the following tasks for each entry of student in the system’s database:

* Storing and maintaining personal profile
* Update and backtrack academic achievements
* Update, view and maintain semester results
* Update, view, maintain and backtrack attendance in each course * Update, view, maintain and backtrack scores in each course * Update, view and maintain credit requirement and completion

Acronyms and Abbreviations

[This section should provide the definitions of all terms, acronyms, and abbreviations required to interpret the terms used in the document properly.]

Term| Description|
SAPM| Student Academic Progress Module|
SRS| Software Requirement Specification|

Intended Audiences

This documented is targeted towards the developers of this module and the users of this module. Namely * Students
* Faculty
* Academic Officers


The institute| The institute will allow the use of the system to manage the progress| Academic department| Which will manage the module and enter and modify the data needed to be done manually| Faculty| Will use the system to track information of the students| Students| Will use the system to track his info|

| |
| |
| |
| |

Overall Description

Operating Environment
* This module should run on all Windows operating systems. E.g. Windows 98, 2000, XP and vista etc. * Dial up internet connection or faster.
* Requires a web-browser with java script support
* Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or later or Microsoft internet explorer 6.0 or later required * Cookies must be enabled in the browser

System Context Diagram

Functional Requirement/ Product Features

* The system must be well secured and hack-proof
* Access authorization must be well defined and only the authorized department should be allowed to edit the data * Any changes made by the student to his profile must be verified * Academic officer (manager) must be able to view all the activities of student and faculty * Real time updates of information should be available to every user * Student can make changes to his/her courses that are about to be taken for a semester in the future 1. The module must have the following features:

* Personal Profile
* Student Address
* Student Authentication/Change PIN
* Email/Fax Address
* Stops

2. Grades
* View past grades earned from each course taken up to the last completed semester. * View and Print non-official records of grades
* Keep a cumulative count of credits finished
* Display a computed value of current GPA
3. Future Registration Assistance
* Allow test registration
* Notify about a registration request course for error conditions: * Courses...
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