Staff Training and Motivation at Mcdonalds

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Staff Training and Motivation at McDonalds 

McDonald trains almost 55,000 employees each year. Each year, it also  dedicates over £10 million to ongoing employee training, providing  people with valuable skills. 

Work experience at McDonald's is a foundation for future 
employability, particularly as the UK labour market continues to  evolve. With the increased demand for skilled workers, a job which  offers ongoing training with a leading organisation - is a solid  career investment. People from all walks of life credit a first job at  McDonald's with having equipped them with the ingredients for success. 

Staff Training 

McDonald's Staff Training Programme is an on-the-job vocational  experience that teaches skills transferable to other industries. 

All new hires begin their McDonald's experience with an induction into  the company. Staff trainers work shoulder-to-shoulder with trainees  while they learn the operations skills necessary for running each of  the 11 workstations in each restaurant, from the front counter to the  grill area. All employees-learn to operate state-of-the-art  foodservice equipment, gaining knowledge of McDonald's operational  procedures. 

Step-by-Step manuals and video tapes cover every detail, from how to  make a Big Mac, to how to deliver exceptional service to customers.  Employees also learn how to train and supervise others. 

For the first time employed, McDonald's is an important "mentor',  teaching the interpersonal and organisational skills necessary for  functioning effectively on any job. McDonald's business demands  teamwork, discipline and responsibility; McDonald's experience results  in enhanced communications skills as well as greater self-confidence;  and McDonald's stresses "customer care", and attitude which industry  experts recognise as an essential ingredient for business success. 

Management Development 

Conducted at regional offices and corporate training centres across  the country, McDonald's Management Development Program (MDP) continues  to develop the potential leaders which the Crew Training Programme has  nurtured. 

This is followed by a series of training courses designed to back up  what is learnt in the restaurant and develop management, communication  and leadership. 

The Management Training Centre (MTC) is McDonald's premier UK training  facility, providing a variety of business management and restaurant  operations courses to franchise and management employees throughout  the United Kingdom. The UK Management Training Centre currently puts  through approximately 1500 managers annually. 

The Management Training Centre runs three courses that give the skills  required by different levels of management, from restaurant shift  management to mid - management. 

The Basic Operations Course (BOC) equips trainee management candidates  with the skills to manage their people and run successful restaurant  shifts. 

The Advanced Operations Course (AOC) is predominantly for new  restaurant managers and department heads, It aims to enhance the  candidates leadership and management skills, enabling them to achieve  results in all areas of the business by working through and developing  their people. 

The Mid-Management Course (MMC) goes into further leadership skills  and management systems, helping these managers to effectively lead and  develop their restaurant managers. 

These three core courses are supported by courses and seminars run by  the 

Regional Training Centres. In addition, managers will work through  the• 

Management Development Programme (MOP) back at the restaurant. 

MDP gives managers at all levels the technical and functional  management skills needed to maintain McDonald's leadership role in the  quick service restaurant industry. 

Manager Trainee 

As a Manager Trainee, you are responsible for learning and  understanding McDonald's policies and procedures in order to prepare  for managing...
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