Sim 336

Topics: Strategic management, Steve Ditko, Mark Pages: 2 (319 words) Published: December 12, 2012
SIM 336 Strategic Management Individual Assignment
Case Study – ‘The Comeback of Caterpillar, 1985-2001’ in De Wit & Meyer (2004:755-772)

Addendum to the January 2013 Assessment to be noted by all Centre Tutors and Students submitting this assessment

Following a review of the assessment by the External Examiner and Module Leader it has been agreed that the emphasis on Question 3 of this assessment should be shifted to allow students a greater opportunity to conduct further additional research of their own which can be used to supplement the material contained in the case study and module study pack.

Therefore Question 3 (b) will be amended as below and students will be expected to demonstrate that they have undertaken further research of their own to should how Caterpillar has adapted to strategic change since 2001 and the publication of the case study. It was felt that given the extensive additional material which is available, students should be given the opportunity to demonstrate their personal research skills and enhance the case study material by incorporating their own reasoned views on the company. To reflect this slight shift in emphasis it has been agreed that the marks for the two elements should be switched to reflect the additional content in Question 3 (b). The mark elements will be Question 3 (a) – 10 marks and Question 3 (b) will be 20 marks.

The question will be as follows:

Question Three:
a) What were the major revolutionary changes that shaped Caterpillar’s business system and organisational system between 1985-2001? Which evolutionary changes took place during the same period of time?(10 marks)

b) What seems to be the dominant perspectives at Caterpillar in respect of strategic change since 2001? (20 marks)

The marking criteria will not be affected by this amendment and all other issues relating to the assessment will remain the same.

J. Dixon-Dawson
Module Leader

1st December 2012.
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