Level 2 Certificate in Principles of Business and Administration

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Unit four: Principles of supporting change in a business environment


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Please note that this Assessment document has 3 pages and is made up of 3 Sections.

Name: Kirsty Fisher

Section 1 – Understand why change happens in a business environment

1. Explain why change happens in a business environment. You should include at least three reasons in your answer.

In a business environment, there is always going to be changes. Changes in a business environment are not just internal but also external.

Internal changes within a business may include the following:

- Launching a new product: A business is always looking for change not just for the business but for its customers, so launching a new product if successful could make a good impact on the business. -

Section 2 – Understand the purpose of supporting change in a business environment

1. Identify the main reasons for reviewing working methods, products and / or services in a business environment.

2. When a business is going through change:

a) Describe the different types of support that people may need.

b) Explain the benefits of working with others.

Section 3 – Understand how to respond to change in a business environment

1. In relation to your current business environment (or one that you are familiar with):

a) Explain why you...
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