The Purpose of Agreeing Standards for Your Own Work

Topics: Human behavior, Behavior, Respect Pages: 2 (484 words) Published: October 5, 2012
1. Explain the purpose of agreeing standards for your own work. Give at least two reasons.


Organisation provides a foundation of work standards to ensure everyone knows what is required from them and from people around them. As an employee, we should always make sure that we know exactly the work standards required of you.

Uniform standard – clean, press and shirt tuck into the trouser

Behavioural standards – acceptable behaviours in the work environment - time keeping or all team members should smile 100% of the time when greeting customers.

If an employee doesn't have a standard of work or unclear then it is difficult for them to know what or how or when they should be doing it. The absence of standards makes it impossible for an employee to effectively monitor their own performance. If work standards don't exist, then things are open to personal interpretation and this can lead to conflicting viewpoints. If some colleagues work to lower standards, it can affect the work of others.

2. Explain the purpose of taking on new challenges and being able to adapt to change at work.


There are many reasons for an organisation to change. New manager or adviser, requirements of their guest, introduction of new technologies, system software, working practices, law and legal changes can effect challenges and change at work. For any employee, it is important to take on new challenges and adapt to changes because an organisation will never stays the same. Employee who can adapt and willing to change is more valuable than other who resists changing. Employee who want to advance or built up their career in the organisation must take on new challenges and adapt a role with added responsibilities and they will be notice or variation to others who will not change. For those who do not may become redundant, no longer fitting in with the business and in the longer term they can lose their jobs.

3. Explain the purpose of treating...
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