Service Gap Model Analysis in Hotel

Topics: Hotel, Marital status, Star Pages: 2 (357 words) Published: April 23, 2011
1. Name………………………………………..
2. Age
a. Below 20b.20 to 30c.31 to 4od.41 to 50 e.51 and above 3. Gender
b. Maleb. female
4. Marital status
c. Marriedb. Unmarried
5. Occupation
d. Business b. government job c. private jopd.non income group e. others
6. Nationality
a. Indiab. England c. Americad. Frenche. others
7. Income level (monthly)
a. below Rs.20.000 b. Rs.21,000 to Rs 30,000 c. Rs 31000 to Rs.40,000 d. Rs 41000 to Rs.50, 0000e. above 51,000
8. Rank the following services in the hotel
a. Physiological needs…………
b. Medical facilities…………..
c. Entertainment arrangement……….
D. Extra services……………..
e. Total service quality…………..

How you are satisfied with the following facilities provided by the organization: 1 – Highly satisfied2 – satisfied3 – neutral4 – dissatisfied5 – highly dissatisfied 12345
9. Room booking facilities arrangements
10. Ease of access
11. Cleanliness
12. Signboards arrangements
13. Parking facilities arrangements
14. Interior decoration and furnishing
15. Telecommunication facilities
16. Tariff in hotel
17. Time taken for service delivery.
18. Variety of food availability
19. Hospitality in hotel
20. Safety locker facility
21. Travelling assistance
22. Laundry facilities
23. Bed and cottage arrangements
24. Business Center
25. after check out services
26. C.C. TV arrangement
27. Wireless Internet facilities
28. 24 hour room service
29. As a three star hotel whether it is fulfill your level of expectation?
a) Yes b) No
30. If yes, what will be the reason for that -----------?
a) Service b) Quality c) Tariff rate d) Hospitality d) Others Specify 31. Whether you will suggest this hotel to your friends and relatives a) Yes b) No
32 .I f No, What is the reason behind it--------------
a) Physiological needs b) Quality c) Tariff...
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